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Brand-Centric Digital Activation
When it comes to digital marketing, investment dollars are often sub-optimized or altogether wasted because online tactics are not being effectively aligned to brand strategy. All too often short-term, transaction-driving objectives supersede long-term brand-building ambitions. Worse yet, marketers tend to resort to so-called digital best practices and copycat behavior—creating the same type of generic content, sending bland and undifferentiated email blasts, and tweeting at certain times of day because that’s what their competitors do—all with little consideration as to how it impacts their valuable brand assets.

In this webinar, Mitch will discuss how to ensure your digital marketing is inextricably linked to brand strategy. Going beyond clicks, shares, and CTAs, this webinar will demonstrate how digital activation can become a source of competitive advantage by reinforcing and strengthening long-term brand equity. Specifically, it will highlight how four key components of digital activation—website design, content marketing, social media, and email marketing—need to be reconsidered within an eye toward ensuring they remain true to the brands they serve and support

Join us for this one-hour webinar, led by ISBM Partner, Mitch Duckler of FullSurge
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