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Reach New Heights Through Careers in Aviation: A Networking Opportunity for Women in Engineering and IST.
Are you curious about working in an exciting field that can help you reach boundless heights? Here is your opportunity to learn about the variety of careers available in aviation and network with women in the field. **This event is open to all students.
Panelists Include:
**Evonne McBurrows, Program Manager, FAA
With 25 years of experience in civil engineering, municipal services, private consulting, and aviation, Evonne juggles between the roles of program oversight, technical design, construction administration, and agency and airport coordination to deliver successful results for the Federal Aviation Administration, Great Lakes Airports Division at the Detroit Airports District Office.
**Trish Gilbert,Executive Vice President, NATCA
Trish has served as the National Air Traffic Controllers Association's seventh Executive Vice President since 2009. She was re-elected to an unprecedented fourth three-year term in 2018. Gilbert has helped lead and oversee NATCA’s comprehensive efforts to build successful working relationships with FAA, DOT, the aviation industry, the AFL-CIO, and members of Congress that have resulted in excellent progress on aviation safety.
**Jenn Lemmon, Operations Manager at Potomac TRACON
Jenn is also the Vice President of Professional Women Controllers, INC. Jenn has been with the FAA for 13 years but has worked in several areas of the aviation industry for the past 25 years.
**Christina Calvert, Air Traffic Control Manager, Kansas City Air Route Traffic Control Center.
Christina has worked for the FAA for thirty years. Christina has served on the Professional Women Controllers, Inc., Board of Directors for ten years, currently as the President of the organization.
**Della Swartz, Program Manager for transport and small airplane certification and continued operational safety in the Anchorage Aircraft Certification Offices Branch of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). She has worked for the FAA on a variety of projects for 29 years.
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