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A Conversation with Ijeoma Oluo - Shared screen with speaker view
Barrett Scroggs (he/him)
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Renee L Borromeo
I'm wondering what changes Ijeoma has noticed in the US and world since the publication of her book? I know the book has been very influential in many of my own personal friendship groups; thanks for that. Has that been a fairly universal reaction?
Hi Ijeoma. I love your book as I am in Dr. Scroggs’s seminar. In your book, you mention that when you stayed with your mom’s friend, her children did not stick up for you and your sibling when the children on the bus were making fun of you. I remember in the book you said you and your brother just remained quiet for the rest of the time you stayed there. I was wondering if later in your life if you ever asked them why they didn’t stick up for you in that moment?
Kira Hylton Hamman
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Helen E McGarry
I need to leave for a 1pm. Excellent conversation - thank you!!!
I am reading your book, and it is fantastic. Dr. Scrogg mentions that you have a new book. I was just wondering what it was about?
Barrett Scroggs (he/him)
Gabriella sent a private message so her first, then Robert
Latisha Franklin
SYWTTAR sets the definition of racism in a systemic perspective instead of the individual perspective for, in my opinion, the greater good. Do you tend to think of racism in a systemic manner in your everyday life and do you feel there are any drawbacks to thinking one way or another?
Have you ever had a problem with finding a job or had a problem at a job?
Thank you!
Thank you!!
I understand that racism is systemic and I also understand ways I have benefited from them over BIPOCs. But systems are large, entrenched, and intertwined. Do you have recommendations for ways individuals can fight the systems to push for institutional change?